Growing and living on your own beef cattle is all part of farm life. Our children
know where meat comes from, and they know that a steer is destined for the BBQ.  They have also witnessed the wonders of a calf being born.
Our Cows are mostly Dexters, Black ones.  We have a Red Poll cow and her 3 daughters, all Dexter Red Poll Black, 2 Red....which are now pregnant to a lovely Black bull Elgin Park Montgomery. (owned by Peter and Celia Gulbin of Hideaway Dexter Stud, Elphinstone Victoria).  His calves are due early October.
We did have
2 suprise Red
bull calves
born in 2007...
2 Blk parents.
My favorite cow..Jemima
Purebred Dexter Bull...Elgin Park Montague
Purebred Dexter Bull
Purebred Dexter Bull
Drought broken green grass in Jan 2011
Our cattle mid summer 2011...the drought has broken
Rosnasharn Farm home of Rosnasharn Pugs
Couple of young bulls..cows behind.
Mid March 2011
Jed grown up, Victor grown up and B1 grown up
Red with late unexpected Red bullcalf
Jemima mature cow classic Kerry shape