We breed and exhibit Black and Fawn Pugs.  Blacks are my first Love.  We have had Pugs now for 10 years. Our first Pug Mack, Gailyn Black Mack, came to us 10 years ago as a 12 week old puppy....and the numbers have grown over the years.
I was extremely lucky to have found our foundation fawn bitch Maggie aka Aimhi Dancn Dynasty now an Australian Champion and a BIS (best in Show winner) and a RUBISS (runner up Best in Speciality Show winner).....who is now nearly 10 and spends her time sleeping on the couch.
We will be pugged for life and I look forward to showing young homebred pugs with my children. 
Why I'm a MDBA member
....Very proud of being nominated for Breeder of the Year.....2013
Brief History
Why the Breeder Makes the Difference
Buying a Puppy from a good breeder is a pleasure. They study their breeds and make decisions based on breed temperament, structure and health. They give their puppies a great start on socialisation and training. MDBA Members become breeders because they love dogs, appreciate the qualities of a particular breed or two and enjoy associating with other people who also love dogs.
Breeders work with other breeders and pet owners on pet related activities and thatís why many of them compete in dog shows, trials, and sports. They wish to prove that their dogs conform to the highest breed standards and have the structure and willingness to perform in a manner that is described for their breeds. Itís why they share their knowledge and experience with puppy buyers and the general public.
The bottom line is that for MDBA breeders, raising the best dogs they can is much more than any business could ever be. Itís a passion, an honour, a labour of love and a huge lifelong commitment. You can reap the benefits of this when you select one of their puppies.

Rosnasharn RaveAboutit aka Moondog
Moondog......Gazza ......and Mack
Rosnasharn Farm home of Rosnasharn Pugs
Rosnasharn Rave Reviews aka Gazza
Moondog and Son Q