Our Sheep are a variety of breeds...English Leicester, Coloured English Leicester/Corriedale, Romney/Merino, Polwarth/Merino and Spotty Sheep.
They all have names there's Pebbles and Bam Bam, Fred and Brutus, Winnie and Daisy, Sisco, Larry and Speckles just to name a few.  We quite often end up raising a rejected first timers baby. 

I spin the fleeces every year....and sell my knitted garments to order or on Ebay.
Dave and Daisy
1sr lamb Dave
Brutus...son of Fred
Larry grown up...looking at Sasha that thinks she's a sheep
Nov 7th 2010.....early hours this Sunday morning 2 strange dogs came onto our property and without waking any of us mauled 4 of our sheep, killing one and maiming 3 which we had to put down.
This has led us to consider getting a Livestock Guard Dog in 2011 possibly an Anatolian.  Update....Meet Gustave

A lot of research is needed before bringing one home but it is a case of never wanting to wake up to the carnege again.
We lost an original, Bam Bam, Buddy our hand raised lamb from last year, Cocoa and Denny a colored Ram lamb.
Rosnasharn Farm home of Rosnasharn Pugs